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    Meet our new LEDR product: The Wood Light! This handmade product is made in the cosy province of Brabant. Would you like to know where and how our Wood Light is made? We would like to give you a peek in the kitchen (or in our Wood Light atelier).


    The Wood Light is made of tree trunks that we at LEDR give a second life. We find it important to contribute to a more sustainable world. These tree stumps are used to prevent discarding. Because these are real tree stumps, no Wood Light is the same. This also means that the Wood Light you receive may not be exactly the same as in the picture. Unique in every way!

    Each Wood Light is dried for a long time before it is sold. We have done this to reduce the chance of shrinking or expanding. Wood is a living material and depending on temperature and humidity this can happen over time. We advise you to use our Wood Light only indoors. Would you like to put it outside? Then be patient, who knows it will be available soon ;)


    For the Wood Light Leather Edition, we use genuine Dutch leather. This leather is made in a special leather workshop in Brabant. Here, only sustainable materials are used and nothing is wasted. Also completely sustainable! The leather edition is our favourite for both Cherry & Ash Wood. This makes the Wood Light extra sturdy. We love this at LEDR. Do you too?


    The Wood Light is made in the pearl of the south: Breda! Here we assemble all parts to this cool product. Would you like to see how this is done? You are always welcome to come and see! Just let us know that you would like to come, and we will make sure that someone is ready to show you the process in real life!


    Is Breda just a bit too far for you? Then we would like to explain the process of the Wood Light to you. We have created a Wood Light workshop in the warehouse of LEDR. Here we make sure that all elements of the product become one. Our Wood Light consists of a tree stump and as said before: all the tree stumps we use are given a second life at LEDR, so they are not thrown away. This is the part where it all starts. These tree stumps are of course first processed and dried!

    'On all Wood Lights the LEDR logo is printed on a genuine piece of authentic Dutch leather.'

    We attach this label to the Wood Light with golden nails. In addition, an Edison lamp is used. This lamp gives a warm light and ensures that the Wood Light is extra attractive. The Edison bulb is attached to the base of the lamp. You can turn on the lamp by putting the braided wire cord into the socket and turning on the switch. It is also possible to dim the light with this switch. This way you decide how much light your Wood Light provides, isn't it cool?

    Once all these elements are put together, the Wood Light is ready!


    The Wood Light is available in 2 different sizes, namely M & L. At LEDR we have developed a packaging so that you can easily pick up the Wood Light, because these showpieces weigh quite a bit! On the packaging you can also find all the specifications such as the number of Watts and the dimensions. Would you like to know these as well? Check out the specifications at the Wood Light products. Here we have also listed them for you. Did you choose to order the Wood Light online? We will make sure the packaging is extra well packed, so that your showpiece will survive the journey!

    Would you like to receive more information or do you have specific questions about the product? Feel free to send us an e-mail! Our e-mail address is [email protected].

    [email protected].

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