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  • behind the scenes - photoshoot at huisjevandeKruikjes

    Kiki Snoep - 02 / Mar / 2021

    behind the scenes - photoshoot at huisjevandeKruikjes

    Last week we had an incredibly fun photoshoot for our LEDR collection. The photoshoot took place at the house of Rebecca/HuisjevandeKruikjes. Are you also curious about how this went? Then please read on! Have fun reading

    Behind the scenes - Photoshoot at a stylist

    My name is Kiki Snoep. I'm a graduate intern at the Marketing Department of the great company Cotton Ball Lights. For my internship, I regularly write nice blogs. And now it's time again because one of my colleagues has had a very nice new photoshoot for the LEDR products. Are you also so curious about how she experienced it? Then sit down and read this blog. 


    Last week our new graphic designer Tamara went out with our old graphic designer to do a photoshoot together at the house of the Kruikjes. Now I hear you thinking how does that work. First, we look for interiors that fit the products we sell. This happens mainly through Instagram. So we came across the interior of HuisjevandeKruikjes. We were instantly in love with the interior and therefore we asked if we could shoot our new collection in her house. And yes, we could. 

    So that day Tamara and Vera went out to shoot the new collection.
    Prior to a photoshoot, we check with the online marketeer to see which products look best in which corners. 

    Tamara said that when they entered the house they immediately saw that the house was perfect for shooting the LEDR collection. The house was very light and decorated with all kinds of industrial, cozy corners. Of course, they had already seen the photos, but it is always exciting whether it looks like that in real life. Fortunately, it was exactly the same as in the pictures. Tamara and Vera were immediately welcomed by Rebecca.

    First, we looked at which corners were interesting to shoot. There were plenty of corners, but it also depends on the light to what extent you can take a good picture at a particular moment. 

    Rebecca helped pick out the corners and so the photoshoot began.
    Vera mainly took the photos and Tamara took care of the styling. 

    Below are a number of photos to give you a good impression of what it was like.


    As you can see here, the first thing that was photographed was a letter board. Tamara and Vera had decided together that they would use one of the children's rooms for this. Like most places in the house, this one looked perfectly. The letter board was photographed in a fun and playful setting.

    Who wouldn't want such a beautiful piano in their home?
    This was the perfect spot for Tamara and Vera to photograph one of the letter boards. This corner was also styled beautifully by Rebecca and therefore immediately ready to be photographed. With such a nice hostess who knew very well what she wanted it was not difficult to make beautiful pictures. As you can see the letter board was photographed in multiple settings to show that it can be used for everyone and in many places in the house. 

    Are you curious about what kind of lettering boards we have?
    Then take a look at our website under the name letter boards

    Kraft paper roller

    Here is the kraft paper roller pictured. This is used in many households as a shopping list or to write fun quotes. Again, it wasn't hard to find a nice spot.
    Because who doesn't like coffee? It's great to start the day with a cup of coffee!

    Here you see the large Kraft paper roller. For the big writers among us, no worries there is also a convenient size for you to write on. 
    You can actually use the Kraft paper roller for anything, as a nice decoration in your home, for your kids to draw on, or for your daily shopping list to write on. 

    As you can see it is fun for everyone! Even for the kids when they are bored. 
    This also reduces the chance of them drawing all over your walls.
    After all, the kraft paper roller is big enough to draw on. 

    The kraft paper rollers are available in different sizes.
    These can be found on our website under the word kraft paper rollers.


    Last but not least our book lamp. As you can see it looks beautiful in this setting. 
    Thanks to the great cooperation between Vera, Tamara, and Rebecca the collection was photographed in no time. The book lamp is also shown to its best advantage here!
    He fit perfectly in the setting of this house. 

    The book lamps can be found on our website. 
    They are available in sizes S, M and L.

    In any case, we would like to thank Rebecca for the great cooperation and hospitality!

    Are you curious about the beautiful interior of Rebecca? 
    Then don't hesitate to follow the Instagram of HuisjevandeKruikjes. 

    The Instagram account can be found in the link below:

    And if you are curious about our collection and the pictures we took. 
    Don't forget to take a look at our website:



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