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    Marijn de Kort - 03 / Feb / 2022

    Get romantic with LEDR!

    In this blog we give you tips to surprise your partner on Valentine's Day and we tell you more about our super fun Valentine's campaign! Read on quickly!

    Valentine's Day with LEDR!

    It's that time again, February 14, a much loved but certainly hated day. For couples it is the perfect opportunity to spoil each other with a gift or other surprise. For singles, this day may be less fun, but be your own Valentine! We have a Valentine's promotion that is fun for everyone. Read on!

    Tea light holder

    Some couples give each other a gift on Valentine's Day such as flowers, jewelry, chocolate or whatever. It's also nice to surprise each other with a dinner; think of a breakfast in bed for your partner, an extensive lunch or dinner at home for two! Make it extra special by decorating the tray or table nicely and make something romantic out of it on this loving day. We have the perfect Valentine's promotion to make it happen; you'll receive a leather tea light holder with your order from €20 and this one is really cool! With this tea light holder you can light a candle as a romantic (yet cool) decoration on a tray or table! Grab some nice tableware, light your candle, spread some heart candies around the table and get romantic!

    LEDR tea light holder Valentine

    LEDR tea light holder Valentijn

    Kraft Paper Roller

    A fun tip: did you know you can use the Kraft Paper Roller L as a table runner for your Valentine's dinner? If you don't have it in stock you can also use gift wrap with a nice print. 

    Want to make it even more romantic? You can also use the Kraft Paper Roller to write a sweet text for your loved one describing what he or she means to you and what you appreciate so much in your partner. This way you make it very intimate and a real moment for the two of you.

    Be your own Valentine!

    Enough romance and intimacy. As I said earlier to the singles: be your own Valentine! On this day, go out for a nice dinner or something to do with a friend or give yourself a lovely day of pampering. The leather tea light holder can be used for all sorts of occasions, such as a dinner party, but also just on the coffee table or on the cupboard; the tea light holder will surely come in handy somewhere!

    In a relationship or single, Valentine's Day is all about love! Love that you have for the people around you and very important: love for yourself! Make it a nice day of pampering and enjoy!

    The Valentine's campaign runs from February 4, 2022 from 17:00 until February 14!

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